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Pet Euthanasia Guidance: How to Prepare & Cope

Some say when one life ends, another begins. The circle of life is beautiful in its own respect, but can sometimes be a bittersweet pill to swallow when the time has come to make difficult decisions about your pet’s remaining days. Our compassionate team of veterinarians and staff are also pet owners and pet lovers; we can relate to and truly understand that deep connection that you’ve made with your companion animal. We know that pets aren’t just pets... they’re a deeply rooted, beloved member of your family. It is with such compassion that we will exhaust all possible options before guiding you through the process of pet euthanasia.

When should I consider euthanasia for my pet?

If there comes a time in a pet’s life when disease, illness, or severe injury inhibits your friend’s quality of life, your veterinarian will discuss with you all possible options for proper care and treatment. Unfortunately, no matter the treatment, procedure, or medication, there are sometimes cases in which nothing works to cure the ongoing pain and agony that may strike your pet. Unresponsiveness to treatment of severe conditions may qualify your pet as a candidate for euthanasia.

Pet Euthanasia Guidance Plan

We promise to be there for you and your pet every step of the way. Euthanasia is not an easy road to travel, but, if you put a plan into place, it might help ease your stress during this painful time.

  • Discuss with our vets at what point your pet is suffering and in too much pain. Is it when your dog can no longer eat or drink, for example?
  • Decide if you would like to be present for your pet during the euthanasia or if you would prefer to sit in the waiting room. We will try to accommodate your needs accordingly.
  • We strongly suggest that you arrange for a friend or family member to be there with you for support, as well as a safe ride home after such an emotional event. If no one can come with you, do not worry. Our staff will certainly be there for you to help you cope with your grief.
  • Choose how you wish to handle your pet’s body after euthanasia. Some people wish to take the pet home and bury the remains themselves, while others prefer cremation, in which case we will handle all further arrangements for you.
  • Take time to grieve, talk about your feelings, and reminisce about happy memories with your pet. Don’t forget that it’s OK to cry!

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